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Therapy services

The Felicitas Mehiläinen professionals are there to support you in difficult life situations.

Infertility affects several areas of life: your intimate relationship, social relationships, working life and free time. It is important to take the effects of childlessness into account as a whole. We offer support in challenging life situations.

Infertility affects the intimate relationship

The partners of a couple experience infertility in their own way and often at a slightly different pace. This puts pressure on the relationship. Seeking treatment and exposing one’s own intimate life to examinations and treatments puts a strain on the couple’s sex life. The stress caused by infertility may highlight the partners’ previous losses and feelings of disappointment and thus increase tension in the relationship.

However, most changes in the relationship caused by infertility are positive. A crisis can strengthen the relationship and bring spouses closer together. The difficult steps taken together bring the partners closer than before and increase the sense of sharing. Investing in your own and your spouse’s mental well-being is important during infertility studies and treatments. Many couples benefit and receive support from our couples’ therapy.

Individual support during fertility treatments

Many couples find it difficult to begin infertility examinations, plan and start treatments and continue with long a treatment process. It is particularly difficult to make the decision to use donated gamete or accept that the treatments may end with no results.

It is important that the questions, feelings and emotional distress caused by examinations and treatments are addressed individually and with understanding. It may also be useful to combine individual therapy with infertility treatments.

The need for mental support varies among those undergoing infertility treatment. Some feel that medical care and support from loved ones is sufficient. For some, infertility is a very private matter that is difficult to talk about even with close friends. We take into account the special needs of those seeking infertility treatments and guide and support them during the examinations and treatments.

Our nurses are also trained to support couples or women undergoing fertility treatments. Different people have different needs for support. For some, it is enough to have a single meeting with a nurse while others will benefit from regular appointments and discussions. In addition to nurses, Felicitas Mehiläinen also employs psychologists who are familiar with infertility. If necessary, we can also provide the support of a psychiatrist.

Help is also available during pregnancy

Even after a successful course of infertility treatment, a couple or single woman may experience not only feelings of joy, but also insecurity and fear. Pregnant women keep a particularly close eye on the pregnancy, and the fear of miscarriage or losing the baby may cast a shadow over the pregnancy.

Sharing one’s feelings of insecurity and negative thoughts with others may be difficult. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that all expecting mothers and fathers have conflicting emotions. It is natural for any expecting couple to have mixed feelings about becoming a mother and a father and about the expectations related to these roles. You should talk about your feelings and remember that the feelings you are having are a natural aspect of becoming a parent. Felicitas Mehiläinen also has a private maternity clinic which monitors the progress of pregnancy until the child is born.

Onset of pregnancy is not always guaranteed despite treatments

In some cases, the treatments end without the desired pregnancy. Most people who experience this want help to support the difficult decision to stop treatment. In this case, talking with an infertility specialist can help you move forward in life.

You can book an appointment with one of our infertility treatment therapists if you need to talk with a specialist. For follow-up treatments, we recommend that you make an appointment with an infertility specialist. Your overall situation will be reviewed at the clinic together with the specialist and a follow-up plan will be prepared. Further examinations and treatments are planned on the basis of each individual situation.

Support and guidance for donated gamete families

Talking with a therapist is also needed when donated gametes are used in infertility treatments or in the case of predictive cryopreservation of gametes. Gamete donors can also discuss donation issues with a therapist before donation.

The birth of a child is a happy and, at the same time, a revolutionary experience. You may experience surprising feelings, especially when external support has been needed to have a child. Many parents who have had a child with donated gametes find it necessary to receive support and counselling even after the child has been born. Our professionals also provide guidance on how and at what stage it is good to tell the child about their origin.

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Why Felicitas Mehiläinen

Felicitas Mehiläinen is the leading fertility clinic in Finland providing a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from basic infertility care to the most advanced IVF technology available today.
Over 30 years of experience has made it possible for the Felicitas Mehiläinen to offer the highest standards of patient care and reproductive health services in a modern and comfortable clinic.
Our doctors and scientists have always been at the forefront of IVF science and development; in fact, our founder, was part of the team involved in the birth of the Finland’s first IVF baby in 1984.
We always remain focused on the individual needs of each and every patient. We always put out patients first, and that is why we work so hard to listen to and treat every patient individually.