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Couples’ therapy

Infertility treatments can put any relationship to the test. Couples’ therapy looks at the relationship and its dynamics on neutral ground.

Infertility is one of the major crises in life and relationships. It shakes all aspects of an individual’s personality as well as their intimate relationship. 

During infertility treatments, many have to face a roller coaster of hope and disappointment. Everyone processes their disappointment and sadness in their own way. Differing ways of dealing with disappointment as well as how the couple is able to support each other in the grieving process can cause conflicts in the relationship.

Couples can benefit from couples’ therapy particularly during prolonged infertility treatments. Couples’ therapy focuses on looking at the relationship and its dynamics on neutral ground. Couples’ therapy is a kind of individual therapy performed together. 

Couples’ therapy helps if the pregnancy is interrupted

An expected pregnancy does not always end with the birth of a baby. Miscarriage is a traumatic crisis in which you lose something very meaningful very suddenly. In the event of a miscarriage, it is important to process the loss as well as possible with future treatments or pregnancies in mind. Miscarriage evokes a lot of different, strong emotions that may seem surprising. Couples’ therapy often helps when a couple’s expected pregnancy is interrupted. 

Infertility treatments can also end without any results and the great desire for pregnancy and a child may not come true. Giving up the dream of having a child can be a heavy and long experience. In addition to your partner and loved ones, you may require professional support in grieving.

In addition to couples’ therapy, our services also include individual therapy and sex therapy.