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Childbirth coaching

Our midwives will provide you with tailored personal coaching for childbirth and a new life situation – also remotely.

We offer all mothers preparing for childbirth and their support persons comprehensive childbirth coaching at our maternity clinic.

Book a childbirth coaching appointment in the online appointment booking service.

For more information about childbirth coaching, contact our customer service or leave us a contact request.

Who is childbirth coaching suitable for?

Childbirth coaching is suitable for all expectant mothers and families. Our childbirth coaching is always planned individually with the help of our skilled midwives according to the family’s own wishes.

Childbirth coaching for first-time mothers is usually started no later than during pregnancy weeks 28–30. Of course, a tighter schedule is also possible, but it is not advisable to leave childbirth coaching very close to the due date if you want to prepare for childbirth sufficiently early and comprehensively.

You can use our childbirth coaching even if you have attended other coaching provided by own maternity clinic, for example. You are always welcome to our childbirth coaching when, for example, you need additional support anything related to childbirth and you want to have the opportunity to discuss your childbirth with a professional in person.

What happens in childbirth coaching?

In childbirth coaching, the different phases of childbirth are comprehensively reviewed from the initiation of labour to the postnatal phase, as well as pharmaceutical and non-medical pain relief methods and various childbirth methods, such as vaginal delivery, C-section and vacuum extraction delivery.

Our professionals have prepared a comprehensive information package for you, covering not only childbirth but also issues related to caring for the baby and breastfeeding.

How long does childbirth coaching take?

Overall, childbirth coaching consists of three coaching sessions/meetings. Mothers who have given birth earlier may not need as many appointments as first-timers, only one or two instead of three.

You should reserve 1.5 hours for one childbirth coaching session, but the duration of the meeting can also be adjusted to suit the needs of the family. More information about the prices of childbirth coaching can be found in our price list.

Can childbirth coaching be arranged remotely?

It is possible to arrange childbirth coaching meetings either as in-person meetings at our maternity clinic, but arranging the sessions either completely or partially remotely is also easy.

Do you want to learn more?

Book a childbirth coaching appointment in the online appointment booking service.

Why Felicitas Mehiläinen

Felicitas Mehiläinen is the leading fertility clinic in Finland providing a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from basic infertility care to the most advanced IVF technology available today.
Over 30 years of experience has made it possible for the Felicitas Mehiläinen to offer the highest standards of patient care and reproductive health services in a modern and comfortable clinic.
Our doctors and scientists have always been at the forefront of IVF science and development; in fact, our founder, was part of the team involved in the birth of the Finland’s first IVF baby in 1984.
We always remain focused on the individual needs of each and every patient. We always put out patients first, and that is why we work so hard to listen to and treat every patient individually.