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Sperman eli siittiöiden luovutus

Sperm donation

For many childless people, donated gametes are the only way to have a child. Contact the fertility clinic of Felicitas Mehiläinen if you are interested in donating sperm.

Now is the #timetodonate! There is an acute shortage of sperm donors. For many childless people, donated gametes are the only way to have a child and even one sperm donor can have a life-changing impact.

What are donated sperm needed for?

Around 13,000 fertility treatments are performed in Finland each year, one fifth of which use donated egg cells, sperm or embryos. Donated gametes are needed in infertility treatments where it is impossible to use the gametes of the person undergoing treatment. Donated sperm can be used for fertility treatment, for example, if the sperm count of the man is not sufficient or the sperm production is severely impaired. The man’s hereditary disease can also prevent the use of his own semen. In addition, female couples and single women need donated sperm.

Many people waiting for donor gametes have experienced infertility for several years and donated gametes are the only way for them to have a child. There is a severe shortage of sperm donors and the help of even a single new sperm donor is crucial.

At what age can you donate sperm?

At Felicitas Mehiläinen clinics, semen can be donated by men aged 22–40.

Who can donate sperm?

The donor must be in good health. The donor or their immediate family must not have a serious genetic or infectious disease which could cause serious illness to a woman undergoing fertility treatment or to a child born as a result of the treatment. The quality of semen is checked before donation by means of a sperm analysis, a Mioxsys examination and a cryopreservation analysis.

How do I donate sperm?

1. You can leave a contact request for sperm donation to our clinic through our website or by phone. If you want to call us, your first contact will be the clinic’s nurse in charge of donations who will give you more information about sperm donation and interview you about matters related to donation.

2. If it seems you are eligible for sperm donation, an appointment will be made to analyse the semen. The semen is analysed for the sperm count, morphology and motility and a trial cryopreservation is performed before the actual cryopreservation and thawing.

3. After the examinations, an appointment at the clinic for gamete donation counselling and a doctor’s health examination will be made for you. At this appointment, you will also receive information about your health and fertility.

4. Before the treatment, your chromosomes will be studied and blood and urine tests will be carried out in accordance with the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments to rule out infections.

5. Prior to donation, a donation agreement is signed to outline the terms and conditions of sperm donation.

On average, semen is donated 10 times.

The sperm are cryopreserved and quarantined for six months. After this, additional blood samples of the donor are taken before the donated gametes are ready for use.

Legal matters regarding sperm donation

According to Finnish law, a person who wants to become a gamete donor must agree to their personal data being submitted to the donor register maintained by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira). In accordance with the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, the donor’s personal data may be disclosed to the person born as a result of the treatment after their 18th birthday if requested by the person. The donor has no legal obligations regarding the child unless specifically requested.

In accordance with the Act on Assisted Fertility Treatments, the donor’s gametes may be used by five families to have children, after which the gametes may no longer be used to provide fertility treatment to others.

Sperm donation – compensation

The sperm donor is paid for each donation they make. We will reimburse the donor for travel expenses and the amount of the basic daily allowance defined in the Unemployment Security Act for each visit. The compensations are taxable income. There will be a total of 10–12 visits to the clinic during the donation process.

All examinations and procedures related to pre-donation investigations and the donation are free of charge to the donor.

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