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Chemical pregnancy and early miscarriage

A chemical pregnancy is a pregnancy that ends in a miscarriage so early that the woman usually has not even realised that she was pregnant.

A chemical or biochemical pregnancy is a pregnancy that ends in an early miscarriage and in which the fertilised egg implants to the uterus and forms enough placental tissue that the pregnancy test looks positive.

However, the pregnancy does not have time to develop into a clinical pregnancy that can be detected in an ultrasound examination, but is followed by a very early miscarriage, which is only verifiable based on biochemical changes in the body.

Bleeding begins a few days later than in a normal cycle and it may be heavier than usual. It is estimated that up to half of fertilised eggs end in a miscarriage so early that the woman has not even realised that they were pregnant.

However, a chemical pregnancy is not a “false pregnancy”, even if the pregnancy does not start properly. It at least provides some information about fertilisation. However, if repeated more often, it may be necessary to exclude possible co-morbidities and check the hormonal situation as well as the structure of the uterine walls.

Early miscarriage is common

Very early miscarriages, chemical pregnancies, are very common. It is estimated that up to half of pregnancies end in a miscarriage and the majority of these end so early that the woman has not even realised that they were pregnant.

Early miscarriage – symptoms and how to identify it

If a pregnancy test is not performed, an early miscarriage may not be noticeable and it is asymptomatic. Menstruation may well start on time or a few days late at the most and the bleeding may be slightly heavier than usual.

Home pregnancy tests are so sensitive that they can seem positive days before your period is supposed to start. Therefore, the pregnancy test can also show positive for a chemical pregnancy. The HCG blood test also indicates a positive result for a chemical pregnancy, but the value is usually very low.

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