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Embryoscope (Embryoscope culture)

An embryoscope improves the conditions of embryo culture. Embryoscope culture helps in selecting the right and most viable embryo for transplantation.

An embryoscope improves the conditions of embryo culture. The cell division cycle and morphological features of embryos can be seen with precision at all stages of development, which helps in selecting the right and most viable embryo for transplantation.

The embryoscope is a cell culture cabinet equipped with a camera that takes pictures at regular intervals. The images taken by the camera are used to make a video that shows the early stages of the embryo’s development. Each embryo is cultured under the embryoscope in their own dishes and it is possible to track the development of each embryo separately. 

Embryoscope improves the conditions of embryo culture

Stable culture conditions are known to reduce embryonic stress, contribute to the normal division of the embryo and improve the possibility of pregnancy. With an embryoscope, the morphological properties of embryos can be determined with the help of a camera and there is no need to transfer the embryos for examination to a microscope away from their optimal temperature and gas concentration. Therefore, the embryoscope also improves the conditions for the culture of embryos.

In addition to providing a stable environment, an embryoscope is capable of examining the division cycle of embryos and the morphological features of the embryos accurately at all stages of development. Based on the these properties of embryos, the possibility of pregnancy during treatment can be predicted. 

Normally, the embryo first divides into two cells, then into four cells, eight cells, etc. However, the division cycle of embryo cells varies and their morphological features are different. The embryoscope shows the variations in the development of the embryos and the differences in the division cycle. Embryoscope culture thus helps in selecting the right and most viable embryo for transplantation.

Global studies have shown embryoscope culture to increase the likelihood of pregnancy and reduce the time it takes to get pregnant while reducing the likelihood of miscarriages.

Photos of embryos in embryoscope culture. Developmental stages from fertilisation to three and five-day old blastocysts.

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