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OmaMehiläisen valmennusohjelma puhelimessa

Mehiläinen’s well-being programmes

Our well-being and lifestyle coaching programmes provide a convenient way to get individual support for different life situations.

Mehiläinen’s coaching programmes

Did you know that your overall well-being also has a significant impact on your reproductive health? We have compiled useful information about Mehiläinen’s coaching programmes and the free video library to support you.

Mehiläinen’s various coaching programmes provide a convenient way to get individual support for different lifestyle changes. During a programme, you will contact your coach remotely or personally, depending on the extent of the programme. The programmes help you promote both your mental and physical well-being and find energy for coping with everyday life.

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Why Felicitas Mehiläinen

Felicitas Mehiläinen is the leading fertility clinic in Finland providing a wide variety of fertility treatments ranging from basic infertility care to the most advanced IVF technology available today.
Over 30 years of experience has made it possible for the Felicitas Mehiläinen to offer the highest standards of patient care and reproductive health services in a modern and comfortable clinic.
Our doctors and scientists have always been at the forefront of IVF science and development; in fact, our founder, was part of the team involved in the birth of the Finland’s first IVF baby in 1984.
We always remain focused on the individual needs of each and every patient. We always put out patients first, and that is why we work so hard to listen to and treat every patient individually.