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Semen Analysis

Semen analysis can be scheduled to take place in connection with the first visit.

Semen Analysis (Sperm Analysis)

Semen analysis requires an appointment at the sperm laboratory. It can be scheduled to take place in connection with the first visit. The preferred method of sample collection is through masturbation in the clinic’s sampling room. Sexual abstinence should be practiced for at least one but not more than three days.

Ejaculation should be allowed to happen as completely as possible into the container provided by the clinic. An incomplete sample gives an incorrect picture of the quality of the semen. If sample collection fails, a new attempt is recommended after a sufficient period of abstinence (1–3 days). A new clean container is needed for the new sample.

Ordinary condoms must not be used for collecting the sample as they contain substances that are toxic to the sperm. At the clinic you can buy special Silastic condoms, which can be used for collecting sperm samples.

It is also possible to collect the sample at home using a container provided by the clinic if the sample can be delivered to the clinic within one hour of sampling. The semen sample must be carefully protected against cold and heat. The optimum temperature range for transportation is 20–37 °C.

If the analysis result is normal, the man rarely needs any further examinations. If the analysis shows a low sperm count, further examinations are required.

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